Ella Ella Francinella is a book series written by Barbara Campbell MA CSD (Certified Spiritual Director), and illustrated by David-Peter Campbell which is finding it’s niche in the faith-based children’s book industry with mainstream crossover appeal. 

What is Ella Ella Francinella?

Through the eyes of Ella Ella Francinella and her family, Barbara Campbell will speak to children and their parents about life lessons important to all of us. Ella Ella Francinella is part of a close-knit family from Long Island, New York that enjoys many special times together, most importantly, Sunday Dinner! Ella and her family find themselves in certain circumstances where the need for a little guidance, or Spirit, would make all the difference. Although not overtly religious, Ella Ella Francinella always brings the story to a conclusion involving a faith-guided action.

Ella helps children learn important lessons and problem solving strategies with a faith-based twist, based on Barbara’s many years of psychological counseling. Barbara uses multiple media channels such as a diary blog with weekly inspirations called “Ellagrams”. These are written for children in an engaging and developmentally appropriate manner and are both timely and relevant to the reader. The Ellagrams become a digital pulpit spreading the message of the Spirit to the children.

Mikey to the Rescue

Bootie here.  I woke up an hour ago and Grandma Goo was dancing to “happy”on loop. Luckily, we had Mikey to the Rescue!  My dad just got out of the shower and I’m sitting at the table next to the window in the living room watching my dad draw a picture of Michael the Archangel and this is the third time I’m actually writing in my journal…


Country Plumbing

Bootie here, I’m back.  I just had lunch and dad and I are going to play a few games on the PS4.  Hopefully, Lizzie and Ella don’t complain about the country plumbing.

All of the mountains upstate are covered with red and orange trees.  Ella is talking about how she hates everyone cause there’s no wifi up here. Uncle Quelstone of Hamington says that’s because this is a country house…

Down the Drain

 So its breakfast time again and pretty much everyone is still asleep except me and Grandpa Gooshey so we are going to have to find the brownies that Goo made for the square dance at church that nobody came to!…

Amazon Gift

Hey, it’s Bootie again. So just as I thought: Mr. Mouse did have the answer. He said the best way to patch up any heart-leaks and to remember the good things that happen to us is to give smiles to our friends who are sad and hugs to our friends who are mean…  

Cake with Sam

Ella here. I found out why cake boxes have all those little tabs and flaps and random pieces of cardboard because when you take the cake out of the box it could get really mashed up if the box didn’t have all those moving parts.

Sam was the one who explained it to me… 

What are Ellagrams?

Ellagrams take you on a short adventure with Ella and all of her friends! In between her big, book sized adventures, Ella and her family still have plenty of fun! Join us as we peak into the world of Ella Ella in bite sized Ellagrams, stories perfect for bedtime!

With so much of the Francinella Family already known, each ellagram not only represents a short story that shows all the cooky crazy antics that Ella and her family get into, but they also help send a message about our day lives to help better children and adults with themselves and the word of God.

About the author.

Barbara Campbell, MA CSD, has the capacity and qualifications to tackle many issues as she is a family counselor who is also certified as a spiritual director. Barbara combines these two areas in her work as a family therapist, pastoral counselor and a facilitator for women’s groups. Barbara is a counselor at Living Waters, and was former director of family life at St.Gertrude’s as well as a scriptural teacher. Her ministry of teaching scripture continues as she incorporates understanding the blocks to healing in a person by using scripture as the basis. Arguable, Barbara’s most impressive qualification is as wife, mother and grandmother to the one-of-a-kind Campbell clan.

This combination gives Barbara a unique and well-rounded perspective on every day issues and feelings that can affect children and she can offer helpful and effective strategies to overcome adversity. With subtlety and allegory, Barbara can reach children and their caregivers and share important messages of the Spirit.

About the illustrator.

Ella Ella’s real life dad, David-Peter, is a talented and innovative artist. HIs hand drawn illustrations, done in colored pencil, beautifully convey the childlike spirit of Barbara’s writings. David-Peter’s day job as an outstanding and highly regarded nurses aide brings a sense of compassion and helpfulness to the characters.

His work with Veterans enables DP to understand struggles and fears of others and allows him to create from a place of understanding, love and spirit. DP’s enthusiasm for all things Star Wars helps him to create unique and interesting characters layered with personality. In his spare time, David-Peter spends his time following in his dad’s footsteps, creating wonderful memories with his children and family.

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Birthday Ballet!

Its Grampa Gooshey’s Birthday, which means Ella wants to give him the best ballerina themed birthday ever!!