Meet the Characters

Imaginative, Creative, and Entertaining

Ella and her family are based on Barbara’s real life family members which allows her a great understanding of their personalities, yet they can do very funny and outrageous things because they are characters.

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Ella Ella Francinella

A free spirited child who’s an out-of-the box thinker. She’s adventures and a risk taker. Ella is Bootie’s older sister and simply lives for Sunday dinner at Goo’s!

Francie La Rue

One of Francinella’s closest friends. La Rue is a peacemaker, always with a positive outlook. Francie always tries to find the best in most situations, but can be quite indignant when faced with Ella’s whimsical ways!

Campbell Allie

Francinella’s other cousin, everyone wants to be Alley. She’s accepting, Kind, easy going and quiet. Alley is a great listener and although she can be shy, she’s always ready to lend a hand.

Lizzie La Tish

Francinella older cousin. La Tish has a big heart and always says whats on her mind. She prefers structure and predictability, approaching things logically. However Lizzie tends to get anxious about woolies in the grass, elevators and bed bugs with her feet.

Mr. Mouse

God is everywhere and so is Mr. Mouse! You can find him peeking around hidden corners whenever a very wise word is needed! He is a helper, defender, encourager, comforter, reminder, companion and best friend!

Bootie's Cat

One of those guys who always makes you feel better about yourself whenever he shows up! An adventurer, he has an outrageous habit of taking excursions to San Diego at the drop of a hat!

Carolina Sue

Can be counted on to show up and drop everything in an instant if she’s needed! She is not afraid to show how brave and strong she can be when a friend is in trouble! Carolina Sue is really a great athlete and team player both on the field and off!

Mimi and Mateo

A cousin team that can turn a room inside out and guests upside down at ludicrous speed! They both share spectacular energy that could take you right around the moon and back again! They are also under “investigation” by you know who!


He is very mysterious! He’s like a detective who has lots of disguises so no one knowns he’s in town. We are excited to find out who Bootie really is! Only Booties’ Cat knows for sure

Maddie Cakes

She is sweet and very, very busy but at least once every 3 months whether her cousins need her or not Maddie Cakes show up full of sparkle and good cheer. “Detective” Bootie however, has not completed his investigation – IS MADDIE CAKES STILL AFRAID OF GRAPES?

Grandpa Gooshy

A giant Grandpa almost 9 feet tall (just kidding) who loves to laugh and is especially good at laughing at himself! Grandpa Gooshy shows everyone how to keep having fun even when they make mistakes.

Grandma Goo

This is Grandma Goo short description (need to ask for one since its not on original website)