One Last Dip

Jan 7, 2021 | Ellagram

“Dan you have a serious Bootie face” ,observed Ella as she and LaTish almost collided with him staring at the pool.

“So what Ella, maybe I’m discouraged, dismayed,dejected and depressed! Do you ever know about anything that’s going on outside of your phone and selfies?”

“Get over yourself Boot – nobody likes you”

“Yeah right ,so anyway “ continues Dan “we haven’t been in the pool in two weeks and now our time is running out and it’s too late to take one last dip.”

“It’s never too late “ laughs Mr. Mouse suddenly as he starts down the ladder.

“I know a super secret. There are two kinds of time in this world: man-made time and God-made time. Man made time is like Velcro. It sticks onto our ideas, plans and even our shoes and doesn’t ever move. But God-made time bends and stretches and expands in every direction and never ever runs out! It comes in different sizes and can change shape to make things work for us. And man-made time is kind of like one size fits all!

So man-made time may make you sad that you only have one last dip but in God’s time one last dip lasts forever!!”

“That’s chill “ said Dan “and actually a little too chilly , guess I’ll pass”.

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All Aboard

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